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A number of people either born in Kincardine or having moved in to the town later in life made a significant impact on world history.
Probably the most widely known person with an association to Kincardine is James Dewar, the son of a local Inn Keeper who went on to become one of the most important chemists of his generation and, in the process invented one of the most useful devices too – the vacuum flask, better known as the Thermos. But there are a number of other people such as Admiral Lord Keith and Sir James Wylie who, while less well known than Dewar, had just as profound an influence in their own areas of specialty.
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The text about Sir James Dewar is taken from Rev William Meiklejohn’s excellent Four Lads O’ Pairts book which is now available to purchase as a print book or digital ebook. It presents comprehensive biographies of four remarkable people born in Kincardine:

  • Sir James Wylie (1768 – 1854) – surgeon to the three Czars of Russia, organiser of the Russian Army’s medical service, and founder of the Medical Colleges of Moscow and St Petersburgh.
  • Sir James Dewar (1842 – 1923) – President of the Chemical Society and Fullerian Professor of Chemistry at the Royal Institution (a post held previously by Michael Faraday). He was the first person to liquify oxygen and inventor of the Dewar flask, later commercialised by Thermos as the Thermos Flask.
  • Robert Maule J.P. (1832 – 1901) and his son Sir Robert (1852 – 1931) – successful entrepreneurs who established and ran ‘Maules’, one of the most successful early department stores on Edinburgh’s famous Princes Street. Today their Edinburgh sotre is home to House of Fraser.

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