Register Of Parliamentary Voters 1832

Tulliallan Parish

Name Occupation Address
John Adamson Surgeon Tulliallan
James Allan Blockmaker Kincardine
John Anderson Shipowner Kincardine
James Archbald Mason Kincardine
Andrew Anderson Merchant Kincardine
George Anderson Farmer Longannet
Hendry Anderson Weaver Kincardine
Thomas Anderson Shipowner Kincardine
Thomas Bell Late Preacher Knowhead
Robert Balfour Wright Kincardine
Name Occupation Address
Adam Bennet Wright Kincardine
Archibald Balfour Feuar Kincardine
John Clark Wood Merchant Kincardine
Alex, Cumming of Lurg
John Crocket Shipowner Kincardine
Robert Cumming Weaver Kincardine
William Cunningham Shipowner Kincardine
William Carmichael Carter Kincardine
James Coutts Salter Kincardine
Alexander Davidson Shoemaker Kincardine
Name Occupation Address
James Downie Innkeeper Kincardine
Thomas Duncanson Farmer Brucefield
Robert Drysdale Shipowner Kincardine
Thomas Dewar Innkeeper Kincardine
James Tod Duncanson Smith Kincardine
George Dewar Feuar Kincardine
Robert Duncanson Flesher Kincardine
John Forrester Merchant Kincardine
John Faichnie Malster Kincardine
James Findlay Shipmaster Kincardine
Name Occupation Address
Alexander Faichnie Farmer Hillhead
John Fyfe Weaver Kincardine
James Gillies Boatman Kincardine
David Gray Shipbuilder Kincardine
James Gray Shipowner Kincardine
Robert Harrower Farmer Windyhill
James Hutchison Gardener Kincardine
Robert Hutton Shoemaker Kincardine
Jeremiah Hogg Gardener Kincardine
Charles Jameson Shipowner Kincardine
Name Occupation Address
George Izatt Shipowner Kincardine
John Kennedy Cabinetmaker Kincardine
John Kier Farmer Burnbrae
Robert Kirk Merchant Kincardine
William Landers Feuar Kincardine
Thomas Matthew Feuar Kincardine
James Morrison Farmer Hawkhill
John Martin Agent Kincardine
George Millar Mason Kincardine
Jeremiah McLaren Shipowner Kincardine
Name Occupation Address
William McDougall Shipowner Kincardine
William Mercer Shipmaster Kincardine
James Morgan Schoolmaster Kincardine
W. Paterson Sawyer and Malster Kincardine
Charles Primrose Farmer New Raw Head
Robert Rintouh Merchant Kincardine
Walter Rankine Shipowner Kincardine
James Rankine Merchant Kincardine
Joseph Russell Shipowner Kincardine
James Scotland Currier Kincardine
Name Occupation Address
James Scotland Shipowner Kincardine
William Sorlie Shipowner Kincardine
Robert Stein Distiller Kilbagie
J. Stein Tennant of Farm Brucefield
John Stewart Feuar Kincardine
John Scotland Shipowner Kincardine
William Scotland Shipowner Kincardine
George Scotland Shipowner Kincardine
James Turcan Shipowner Kincardine
J. Taylor Farmer Easter Kincardine
Name Occupation Address
Nathanial Ure Cabinetmaker Kincardine
Andrew Vannan Distiller Bo’ness
Robert Wyllie Shipowner Kincardine
George Watson Carrier Kincardine
Walter Wylie Shipowner Kincardine
Andrew Wright Shipowner Kincardine
John Wright Carter Kincardine

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