Register Of Parliamentary Voters 1833 – 1840

Tulliallan Parish

Added in 1833

Name Occupation Address
Andrew Anderson Shipowner Kincardine
Laurence Johnstone of Sands (Blank) (Blank)
John Kerr Tailor Kincardine
Henry Lawson Blacksmith Kincardine
William Menzies Factor Blackhall
Archibald McDonald Servant Kilbagie
Alex Paterson Woodmerchant Kincardine
John Rolland Brewer Kincardine
William Young Farmer Muirhead

Added in 1834

Name Occupation Address
David Harrower Tenant Windyhill
David Norrie Shoemaker Kincardine
Rev. John McFarlane Minister Kincardine
Charles Jameson Preacher of the Gospel Kincardine
Rev. Andrew Bullock Minister of Tulliallan Kincardine
James Philp Carrier Kincardine
John McQueen Engineer Kincardine

Added in 1835

Name Occupation Address
A. Alexander Shipowner Kincardine
J. Buckanan Lawyer Kincardine
J. Clark Labourer Irvine
Thomas Gray Shipbuilder Kincardine
F. King Labourer Kincardine
John Paterson Shipmaster Kincardine
J. Scotland Junior Mariner Kincardine
D. Skeen Shipmaster Kincardine
Henry Scotland Tailor Kincardine
Thomas Wyllie Mariner Kincardine
William Welsh Shipowner Kincardine
John Young Farmer Kincardine

Added in 1836

Name Occupation Address
R. Gentle Writer Kincardine
W. Gentle (Blank) Kincardine
G. Moir (Blank) Glasgow

Added in 1837

Name Occupation Address
A. Stalker Feuar Kincardine
J. Fleming Feuar Kincardine

Added in 1839

Name Occupation Address
J. Moodie Feuar Kincardine
A. Miller Feuar Kincardine

Added in 1840

Name Occupation Address
Thomas Murray (Blank) Windyhill
H. Allan Wood Merchant Kincardine
W. Henderson Merchant Kincardine
A. Hall Wood Merchant Kincardine
Henry Dickie Feuar Kincardine
J. Drysdale Weaver Culross

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