Register Of Parliamentary Voters 1841 – 1850

Tulliallan Parish

Added in 1841

Name Occupation Address
James McNie Wood Merchant Kincardine
John Norrie Shipowner Kincardine

Added in 1842

Name Occupation Address
Alex Balfour House Carpenter Kincardine

Added in 1843

Name Occupation Address
Carles Brown Shipowner Kincardine
William Stewart Farmer Kincardine
John Taylor Merchant Kincardine
James Higgin Cabinetmaker Kincardine
George Turcan Shipowner Kincardine

Added in 1846

Name Occupation Address
George Ainslie Merchant Kincardine
James Gray Weaver Kincardine
John Loutit Shoemaker Kincardine
Thomas Robert Buckanan Schoolmaster Kincardine
William MacKay Farmer Gartary
Duncan Wright Shipowner Kincardine

Added in 1847

Name Occupation Address
William Norrie Brewer Kincardine
David Gray Ship Carpenter Kincardine

Added in 1848

Name Occupation Address
Charles Roy Grocer Kincardine

Added in 1849

Name Occupation Address
John Mercer Surgeon Kincardine

Added in 1850

Name Occupation Address
Thomas Donald Blacksmith Kincardine
William Gibb Shipmaster Kincardine
Rev. John Smeaton Minister Kincardine
John Simpson Shipmaster Kincardine

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