Reference 2

Stone Type:-
Double Width Upright
Stone Dimensions:-
76cm High
188cm Wide
15cm Thick
North Face:-
South Face:-
East Face:-
Here are interred JANE WELSH born 4th August 1820 died 7th March 1821 Age 7 month
WILLIAM WELSH born 3rd March 1822 died 28 September 1835 Age 13 years 6 months
MARGARET WELSH born 26th August 1815 died 10th November 1838 Age 23 years
ANDREW WELSH died 29th April 1846 Age 35 years
EUPHEMIA BAIRD wife of JOSEPH WELSH died 7th March 1867 Age 38 years
WILLIAM their son died 31st March 1866 Age 4 years 4 months
JOSEPH WELSH died July 24th 1875 Age 57 years
JOHN WILSON WELSH died 15th February 1890 Age 65 years
Sleeping in Jesus
West Face:-
Erected by WILLIAM WELSH & MARGARET WILSON, Kincardine, in memory of their children

WILLIAM WELSH 15 September 1855 Age 74
MARGARET WILSON 8 November 1855 Age 73
Not Available

Notes:- None

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