Reference 32

Stone Type:-
Table Stone - standing on 3 support blocks.
Stone Dimensions:-
188cm Long
99cm Wide
20cm Thick
58cm Height of Table
Top Face:-
Here lyeth WALTER COLT tenant in suneside in Tullialen who died the 27 of March 1700 his age 63 years
Here lyeth JOHN COULT tennant in Tullialen who departed this life in the moth of Julley the year 1722 his age 87 years
Done by ROBERT COULT mariner in Rothrick London His Majesties Pilot
W.C. M.H.
South Face:-
East Face:-
West Face:-
I.C. R.C.
West Support: 2 Doves; Four sailing vessels around a central winged figure; W.C.
Not Available

Notes:- Some recorded dates or inscriptions on this stone differ from previous surveys. These differences, no doubt brought about by improvement of access, have been checked and verified.

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